Hole # 9

Strategy – Hole #9, Blind

Tee shot up and over a slight hill to a blind landing area. From the white tees nothing more than a 180-200 yard tee ball will put you in good shape. With normal Summer conditions, that should get you well inside the 150 yard marker.

Why not hit it further? Sure….you got this. Ripping one down inside the “Hundie” sounds delicious! A saucy wedge in and you’re feeling a 3 is possible.

However…….the flat fairway is guarded with some Spruce trees on the left and the pond sneaks in from the right. The Maple on the right and aforementioned firs are great goal posts.

The advantages of hitting your second shot from outside the 100 yard marker is spin. The front half of the green is rather sloped. A well struck lofted club from the tight lies of the short stuff will produce more spin than desired. A chipping you will go.

A larger green with a back tier. Very tempting indeed. Putting and chipping from the back like most greens here……daunting.

Middle is always good if hole location from that point is farther back. It will serve you well to be short of a front hole location. Much easier putt or chip!