Message from the President

It has been busy at the club since the last Newsletter. The Trivia Night held on June 20th was attended by about 50 people who all had a fun evening. Then on June 21st, the Ladies Division hosted their annual Field Day with 92 participants. It was a nice sunny day but the high winds made for difficult conditions. The overall low gross winner was Joanie McCarville of Ashburn with a score of 83 and the low net of the field was won by Karen Paley, Northumberland, with a score of 69.

The first 9 and Dine of the season was held on June 23 with a good turnout.

And, the Northumberland Classic was held this past weekend with 75 players. The overall winner was Stu Musgrave of Country Meadows, NB.

We welcome new members: Neil Moffatt, Jeff Miles, Mike Dow, Lynne Crowell, Donna Beaton and Stephen MacQuarrie.

The Club needs more members to buy a ticket and sell a ticket for our fundraising raffle for the Quebec Trip or $8,000.

  • As of Friday, June 23rd, we have reached the break-even point – 170 tickets sold
  • Now the money from every ticket sold is profit for the club.
  • Less than 2 weeks left to buy tickets, so don’t delay
  • The club needs your support – we need the funds to pay for the recent renovations
  • If ‘every member buys a ticket and sells a ticket’ there is the potential for the club to make $16,000 and the cost of the downstairs renovations will be covered.
  • You don’t have to be a club member of a golfer to buy a ticket.